1. Events – NAA sanctioned events involving USA and International teams must comply with all of the rules in the National Allball Association Rule Book.  
  2. Fees – The league fees are listed in the NAA Licensee Schedule
  3. Licensee Schedule - Fees will be negotiated by league
  4. Integrity - The NAA Sanctioned League looks to protect the integrity of the game, its teams, its players and the community. Leagues that are in violation of the standards and or code of conduct of the NAA will be reviewed and could face expulsion.
  5. Memberships - Leagues will require all players, coaches, and referees to register as members of the NAA before any can participate in a league or tournament.
  6. League/Tournament Obligations – As a member of NAA all rules specified in the NAA Rule Book need to be followed. Any exception must be submitted in writing and approved by a NAA administrator. If the change is approved you are required to inform all participating teams and post the rule changes on the league website.
  7. Registration Fees – All sanctioned leagues must submit appropriate fees to the NAA no less than 3 days prior to the first scheduled game.
  8. Staffing – The league host must provide for proper and adequate and able officials for all scheduled games.
  9. AED – The hosting site must be equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator on the premises at all times. The location should have an athletic trainer available if possible.
  10. Disciplinary Action – Any player involved in a disciplinary action must be reported to the NAA. A full explanation of the event as well as what action was taken.   
  11. Court Size – The court’s official size is available in the Court Dimensions portion of the NAA Rule Book. The league should use courts that are close to the actual dimensions required by the NAA. Any variations must be approved by the NAA prior to the start of the league.
  12. Goals – Each court needs to supply two of the A-Goal’s developed by the NAA.
  13. Team Bench – Each team must have sufficient seating for 12 players and 3 coaches.
  14. Participation Rules – All players must be registered members of the NAA. Under no circumstances may a player participate if they are not a member. Leagues that allow illegal players will be cancelled and will be lose their sanctioning rights.
  15. Rosters – All rosters must be submitted to the NAA for approval in order to check membership of all participants.
  16. Uniforms – All players and coaches must follow the guidelines listed in the NAA Rule Book. Any player or coach violating the rule will be removed from the court.
  17. Referees  Each game is required to have two referees officiating the game. If there is only one referee the two teams must accept the game being played with one official. Accepting teams must sign the other team’s scorebook to show acceptance.
  18. NAA Logo – League websites and all advertising materials may use the NAA Logo as long as the league directors are in good standing with the NAA. Unauthorized usage will result in suspensions and potential legal action.
  19. League Website - Your league website will be posted on 
  20. Post- Season -  League winners can participate in the district, regional and national tournament
  21. Game Admission – Tickets may be sold for events but are subject to NAA guidelines. Adult tickets will range from $2-$3. Children will be free.


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