Business Opportunity


Become part of the excitement and grow with us. Endless possibilities for financial freedom. Contact us today for details.

Business Opportunity


Become a territorial owner of Allball. Want to ditch your 9-to-5 job and become your own boss? Look no further than our 'How to Make Money' service. We'll equip you with the knowledge and tools to start your own profitable business. From finding your niche to marketing and scaling, we'll walk you through every step of the entrepreneurial journey. Take control of your financial destiny today.

How to Make Money

Organize Leagues Organize Tournaments Personal Training Coaching Clinics Referee Clinics Teams School Programs Uniform Sales Merchandise Sales Sponsorships

How to Start a Territory

License & Charter Application Franchise Agreement Official Rules of Allball Website Development Equipment Order Form Email us to receive the necessary forms


Each local level of the National Allball Association has divisions which are separated by age. Rookie Division: 5-10 Junior Division: 11-14 Varsity Division: 15-18 Adult Division: 18 and over Silver Division: 40 and over Golden Division: 55 and over Professional Division: 18 and over


1st Territory - $49,500 2nd Territory - $45,500 3rd Territory - $41,500 4th Territory - $37,500

Get Started

Develop a network of youth groups, schools and rec depts Formulate an introduction to Allball Grow a gymnasium network Start social media channels Target dates of first event Prepare advertising campaign Launch first event

  • Phoenix, Arizona

Become a team owner in one of our leagues. For more info fill out your contact info here.



All schools welcomed! Camp will be held at your school

"55 Minutes of Fury"

Play Allball

 "I went to watch my son play Allball for the Outlaws. It was the first time I saw it played. I have to say, it was so exciting to watch. I was amazed how easy it was to understand. The different ways to score made the game so interesting. Looking forward to seeing another game. 

William Roberts

 I went to play Allball for the first time with my buddy. Game was in Scottsdale. They put me on a team and quickly went over the rules. I picked it up really fast. Honestly, I was pretty good, lol. It was easy to understand and the work out was great. Definitely, joining the next league. 

Michael Gross
IT Consultant

 Went to watch my boyfriend play Allball. Wow!! When are you starting a woman's league??? 

Amy Wentworth
Admin Assistant


Miners vs Scorpions / August 6

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