Introducing our new high school & middle school league for the 2023-2024 school year.

The league will encompass all high schools & middle schools open to all states and have both a Boys and Girls Division. All divisions will be set up geographically. School size will be considered if possible in a geographic area.

The season will encompass a 14 game season. Also, playoffs to those who qualify. Players cost will include gym rental, officials, game balls, uniforms, coaches and playoff games. 

Being a new sport, the questions will be how do you play? What equipment do we need? What is the cost?

There will be a Learn to Play day for all your players and coaches at no cost. You will need two goals, which some of you may have already. You will need the official ball and a gym. 

Our first league will begin in March 2024.

The league will be known as the National Allball Interscholastic Athletic Organization, (NAIAO)

To get more information and schedule an introductory meeting please contact me via email, or call me at 973-801-2890.

In a short period of time, Allball will be the most participated sport in your school.